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WHMCS 4.1.1 Çıktı!

WHMCS 4.1.1 çıktı. Tüm hosting satışı yapan ve whmcs sistemini kullanan arkadaşlara ve firmalara burdan duyrlur 🙂
Şimdilik sürüm bilgileri ingilizce fakat müsait bir zamanda TR çevirebilirsem düzenlerim. Tabi sizde TR çevirirseniz iletirseniz sevinirim..

Feature Highlights

Server Groups – designed for web hosts who want to designate specific packages going to specific servers, groups now allow you to define that for example hosting plan A can be installed on servers 1, 2 & 3, whilst hosting plan B can be installed on servers 3, 4 & 5 with options to assign new accounts until the default server is full or in a round-robin fashion to the least used server.

Disk Space & Bandwidth Overage Billing – initially supported for cPanel, DirectAdmin & Plesk, you can now specify soft limits for disk and bandwidth with the packages you sell and WHMCS will then bill users for any amount used in excess of that. Usage stats are imported from the control panels API and charges are calculated on the last day of each month with the option to be invoiced immediately or added to the users next invoice.

Configurable Options – now have the ability to hide options and sub-options from the client area order form while leaving them enabled for legacy use on existing clients accounts. Also added is the ability to set a minimum required quantity and maximum allowed value for quantity based option types.

Client Files – you can now upload individual files to users’ accounts, with the ability for them to be admin only or accessible to the client also. Files the client is allowed to see are then shown in the client area for them to download. This can be used for things like contracts, signed agreements, and anything else you need to store!

Additional Mass Mail Filter Options – the mass mail filter options have been extended to include client groups, language and custom fields. The custom field filters mean you can now easily create a “Subscribe to Newsletter” and/or “Subscribe to Notifications” checkbox in order to send mailings only to those users who have agreed to them. And the ability to select multiple criteria at a time allow for more fine tuned emailing to a wider range of clients in one go.

Custom Field Descriptions – now you can add a description to your custom fields in order to advise the user on how or what should be entered into the field.

Bulk Pricing Update Utility – this is a new addon utility which allows you to make mass updates to existing clients products, services, addons and/or domains pricing for their next invoices.

Addon Auto Activation & Welcome Emails – now have the ability to set welcome emails for addons which can be automatically sent on payment and a hook point for activation which allows you to add your own code for provisioning

Additional API Functions – Lots of new API calls have been added providing data retrieval methods for remote apps and there is now a choice of 2 response types, name/value pairs as previously and XML.

New Modules

  • Dot.TK
  • Hexonet
  • Cloudmin
  • InterWorx (Update)
  • Moneris
  • TrustCommerce
  • PSIGate Refunds
  • Payflow Pro SDK Update

Admin Usability Enhancements

  • Invoice Items Preview – from the admin area invoice lists you can now preview the line items of those invoices simply by clicking the total amount thanks to a fancy ajax tool!
  • Cancel & Refund Order Button – a new order action which automates refunding of the invoice and cancelling of the order including termination of any automatically provisioned services in a single automated action – a real time saver!
  • Intelligent Search CC Last Four – entering the last 4 digits of a credit card into intelligent search will now locate the user that card belongs to
  • Add Transaction as Credit – added a checkbox when entering transactions to define if the transaction amount should be added to the clients credit balance as pre-payment thus saving a step and making it easier to do
  • Client Balance Statement – a new report has been setup which gives an account register overview for a client totalling debits and credits for the clients account accessible from the Client Summary page of any client
  • My Notes on All Pages – you can now view your personal admin notes from any page and make changes (previously shown on the admin homepage only)
  • Activity Log Filter – can now search the activity log to locate events and actions more easily
  • Enom SSL Resend – the enom SSL module has now had a resend configuration email button added to be able to resend it on request for previously ordered certificates
  • Cleanup Utilities – added attachment cleanup option to remove old attachments from tickets

Support Ticketing

  • View Ticket Admin Template – the admin view ticket page is now templated allowing you to completely customise the layout & data shown for tickets making it work exactly the way you want.
  • Support Tickets CC – individual tickets can now have additional email addresses entered for where replies should be CC’d to and replies only go to the client and contact that opened the ticket, not all contacts
  • Merge With Another Ticket – you can now enter a Ticket ID when viewing a ticket to merge with instead of having to locate and select both in the same list
  • Support Ticket Pipe Replies Only – a new option has been added to departments to enable piping of replies to tickets but disallow opening of tickets by email and thus require opening from the client area – a great way to eliminate spam!
  • Support Ticket Reply Email Logging – added the ability to disable saving of email messages for ticket replies (as they just duplicate the ticket itself)

Client Area Enhancements

  • Client Area My Details Update Confirmations – Now a green successful confirmation message shows when a client submits a change. Previously, it has shown a red error box for failure but no confirmation on success.
  • Password Reset Process – the reset process will now ask the user for their account security question response if set before first sending a confirmation to their email address with a link which needs to be followed to authorize the request when a new password is then generated and emailed to the user
  • Announcements Pagination – the announcement page will now display 10 announcements per page with links to move forward and back between the pages.


  • Credit Card Handling – new options have been added to disable credit card storage for those who want to process payments and discard the card information rather than storing for automated rebilling in future aswell as an option you can enable to allow the customer to choose whether their card is saved
  • MD5 Passwords Switch – a new option has been added to allow you to choose if clients passwords should be MD5 encrypted (default) or encrypted using a reversible algorithm so staff can view the password
  • Direct Order Link Preset Selections – it is now possible to pass preset selections and values for the billing cycle, configurable options, addons and/or custom fields defined on a product in the direct order links
  • Shopping Cart – the product configuration step will now be skipped unless there is at least 1 selectable option for the user to choose from (ie. One time, free, one billing cycle items)
  • Affiliates Stats – new statistics for commissions awaiting the maturation period, total sales and conversion rate %age along with the ability for admins to review pending commissions and the date when they are due to clear from the admin interface.
  • PDF Attachments – will now send with all invoice related email templates and not just creation and payment confirmations
  • Late Fees – now apply percentage based fees to the balance remaining due rather than the invoice total
  • To-Do List Mass Actions – Toggle all checkbox added to the To-Do list to enable mass assignment and completion of tasks
  • New API Calls & Hooks – Many more API calls have been added in addition to an XML response method for API calls
  • Session IP Validation – an option to turn this off has been added for those using dynamic IPs
  • PDF Batch – added a new filter by option to define if the date range for the download is for date created, due or paid
  • Updated TCPDF class – to latest version
  • Reports Row Colours – the reporting engine now supports row colours passed in to highlight important rows of interest
  • Various other usability improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to default payment method selection when primary gateway option is disabled for product group
  • Fixed action hooks not passing through name/value pairs
  • Tax shown during order process even when logged in as tax exempt
  • Use own domain allowing through blank TLD
  • Gateway Log result filter not showing all options
  • Block existing domains only should block items of the same type
  • Monthly Affiliate Report emails wrong colspan for no referrals message
  • Client summary invoices balance doesn’t take into account refunds
  • Upgrade process updated to use the active order template rather than cart
  • Stop support ticket billing entry being cleared on every field click
  • Don’t let upgrade orders be ordered when there’s an open invoice
  • Taxes always being applied to upgrades regardless of product settings
  • Client currency wasn’t saving if register_globals were enabled
  • Client area domain renew was allowing renewal orders for TLDs without pricing configured
  • Dedicated IPs assigned by cpanel module weren’t being saved
  • Card Expiry Notices & Removal going out a month earlier than they should
  • CSV export files updated to strip commas from field values
  • Server revenue forecast report modified to convert all values to base currency
  • Client apply credit to invoice not taking into account partial payments on balance checking
  • Google Checkout fee logging updated for new pricing structure
  • Added additional default TLD specific domain length requirement checks
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